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announced at sfo. if you are around the bay today, hazy sun mid 60s to mid 70s inland just a little fog in the north bay otherwise pretty clear, as we head into the afternoon, we'll hang out in the upper 70s to mid 80s over at the coast jut a little sunshine from time to time, near 60°. >>> good morning. cruise ships have a section of the embarcadero shutdown this morning between bay street and north point between 6 a.m. and 2 p.m.. that's just now getting underway. expect delays there. couple hot spots westbound 4 hillcrest accident still blocking left lane typically a grind out of antioch even worse this morning due to this accident still blocking lane. san francisco in the median north 280 at 19th, accident there. look at your live bay bridge toll, cash paying folks have a bit of a delay everybody else is breezing through. >>>:02. this morning san mateo police and school district officials are holding a meeting to address parental concerns about campus state after a man tried to abduct a 9-year-old girl. yesterday prosecutors charged 25-year-old bradley mrozek with kidnapping and ch
by noon, low to mid 50s, low 60s near 70 by noon. during the afternoon, make sure you have sunglasses mid six sees to -- 60s to mid 70s. inland, 40s to mid 50s, 40s north bay valley, where we fan the fog. mid 70s to mid 80s during the afternoon. coast partly sunny, jacket weather upper 50s to low 60s. summer is making a return, always happens this time of the year not a real strong offshore event fire danger going to stay at a minimum. we will get warmth at the coast 70s friday saturday, mid 80s bay, mid 90s inland. here's sue with traffic. >>> good morning. if you are traveling from san rafael towards southern marin traffic light, past lucas valley road here, no roadwork this morning repaving taking a day off, off-ramp will remain shutdown until 6 a.m. because of the roadwork otherwise not a problem towards the golden gate bridge that roadwork has been picked up traffic light, we saw crews configuring for your commute, four lanes southbound, two lanes northbound. farther north, north 101 still roadwork between the roanoke park expressway and santa rosa avenue northbound noncommute direct
and its consequences." (champagne popping and yelling) in the 1950's, psychoanalysis washed over popular culture. there was an obsession with psychoanalysis, and with the meaning of psychoanalysis. psychoanalysis taught us that under the surface of life, particularly domestic life, lay a whole set of unruly, chaotic, dark feelings, tension and dark, dirty little secrets. and now at the same time, billy wilder is making movies. and i think this is important in terms of staying power. (peter bogdonavich) i think, certainly, pictures in the 50's and 60's are satirical examinations of the various archetypes. look how she moves! that's just like jell-o on springs. must have some sort of built-in motor or something. i tell you, it's a whole different sex! wilder's "some like it hot" may be the most important romantic comedy of the 50's. it was the most commercially successful, but it was also the sharpest in the way that it dealt with the way men and women treat each other. have you tried american girls? why? was that anything? thanks just the same. you should see a doctor, a good doctor. oh,
spots at the coast. hazy sun around the bay by noon. upper 60s to mid 70s sunny inland by 10 the coolest day in the forecast mid 70s to upper 80s. >> >> good morning. live shot of the golden gate bridge sean, roadwork still blocking -- southbound roadwork still blocking lanes northbound should be picked up by 5:00. fog-free traffic light. other areas of roadwork, eastbound 4 between bailey and railroad just getting underway until 1:00 this afternoon. westbound dumbarton roadwork until 5 a.m., two left lanes. roanoke park area north 101 roadwork from the expressway should be picked up by -- >> san mateo police,1> parents and school administrators will meet to discuss student safety after a 9-year-old girl was abducted last week. the girl escaped and the suspect is in custody. terry mcsweeney is live at parkside elementary. >> reporter: parents have been promised more fences, more gates, more locks here at parkside elementary. this morning they are going to get a chance to talk to district officials and police about what happened out here on this campus last friday afternoon. take a look
, después de que el juez escuchara a quienes lo apoyan, tampoco se tomó una decisión hoy >>añade que desde su deportación hace dos años, su vida ha sido un calvario, el departamento de servicio social dice que el no está en condición de mantener a los niños en tamaulipas méxico, >>su abogada nos dijo que se siente frustrada porque no ha parado de trabajar en el caso y que el departamento de seguridad social no tiene conocimiento de la realidad mexicana >>se están tomando largas, esperamos que todo salga bien >>el departamento de servicio social, también muestra que la madre tuvo problemas de adiccion a sustancias controladas, que no quieren que los menores terminen igual >>no obtuvimos una resolucion final, vamos a seguir trabajando en el caso, y dando el apoyo posible al señor montes >>el juez dijo que no quiso tomar una decisión hoy porque quiere analizar más el caso. >>resulto en vano el último esfuerzo de una coalicion de derechos civiles, para buscar que se prohiba la aprobacion de la parte más fuerte de la sb 1070, hoy fue autorizada >>la clinica de atención gratuita m
mahmoud ahmadinejad told u.n. general assembly meeting this morning. and why the u.s. delegation didn't hear a word of it. >>> in the presidential campaign both focus on a key swing state today. how they are trying to continue over voter >>> this morning mahmoud ahmadinejad made his 8th and final speech before the u.n. general assembly as president of iran. he never named in his remarks but it was year who he was blaming for the world's problems. president obama spoke before the same body yesterday, criticizing iran's nuclear program. >>> the self-proclaimed of power are responsible for the corruption, ignorance and oppression and discrimination in every corner of the world. >> during previous speeches by ahmadinejad, the u.s. delegation walked out. today they chose not to attend at all. a spokesperson says it is because ahmadinejad is using his trip to spout paranoid theories and slurs against israel. >>> turning now to the presidential election. ohio is the center of the political universe today with republican presidential candidate mitt romney and president obama crisscrossing the
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tradicionales. >> vicente fernández hace un dúo con un tony en su propio rancho, esto y más en "primer impacto". >> hola ¿qué tal?, y bienvenidos a "primer impacto". >> soy pamela silva conde y gracias por estar con nosotros. >> comenzamos con un caso en colombia y hay que tener cuidado con lo que nuestros hijos hablan en las redes, un hombre paga a jovencitas por quitarles su virginidad. >> los investigadores aseguran que este hombre compró y negocio pagando hasta mil dólares noches de placer con menores de edad, pero tenían que ser vírgenes. >> tenían que ser vírgenes. >> que no lo dejen salir. >> al policía seguía investigando desde hace un mes, y las niñas podrían ser hasta sus nietas. >> las disfrazaba para que se vieran mayores. >> les dio 400 mil pesos a mi hija. >> las niñas se quedaron con el dinero y reconocieron al violador. >> se entregó al sujeto a la fiscalía y aquí se está coordinado para mantenerlo tras las rejas más de 16 años, regresamos a los estudios. >> por cierto , las autoridades en la florida arrestaron a este hombre que coordinaba encuentros sexuale
beginning in the 1980s in county. herzog took his own life. herman tine is on death row in san quentin but a few weeks ago to this area so he could show them where more bodies may have been buried. >>> prosecutors in a san francisco hit and run case played cell phone video in court today of a late-night crime. surveillance video shows a confrontation inside a jack in the box restaurant last thanksgiving. 24-year-old here steps forward. his defense attorney calls the peacemaker in a fight involving cal fire firefighter albert. in court today prosecutors played a cell phone video that's heard saying yo i'm going to go run him over. prosecutors say minutes later used his randall's cart to nearby shell gas station. he remains in a coma. >>> the parents of a burlingame teen who died after drinking on a bus new law. 19-year-old brett smashed his car dropped off by a party bus two years ago. starting january 1st, companies must require chaperons. no people under 21 will be on the bus and if they suspect underage drinking. at a news conference outside their home today the studebakers said the
by the bay. 60s and 70s. inland some fog and then it burns off sunny. san francisco should be 70 degrees on the high side this time of year. this will be the official temp 62. south beach, china base will be a little warmer. probably the mission as well. you know what i'm saying. temperatures will be influenced by that fog bank which isn't going anywhere. there are signs it might later. 50 in san rafael. if they didn't have that fog they would be cooler than that. west, southwest 17 at travis. that is stronger than yesterday. even a westerly component to vacaville. there are signs of high pressure is going to build in starting friday. and if that is the case, then everyone will warm up including the coast. but we'll ease into that. morning fog and sunny. light west breeze. that will pick up a little later. 60s and 70s and 80s. petaluma 74. clearlake and ukiah is still a little warm. 82 brentwood. alameda upper 60s. 84 pleasanton. temperatures just holding steady here. right about near average for some. cupertino 80. fremont at 76 beautiful degrees. that is the spirit. 75 menlo park. 60 p
with a lot of fog. that westerly breeze is in place. temperatures will be in the 60s, 70s, 80s to upper 80s. clearlake ukiah it takes a cool front to cool them off. walnut creek, 82. pleasanton, 84. walnut creek, brentwood, 87. 78, san jose -- san jose, which is 2 below average. look as santa cruz. santa cruz, 68. they have been hard-pressed to get out of the 60s. 50s, 6s on the -- 60s on the coast. a little warmer maybe as we head towards friday. if everything continues to come in as it is saying, it will be warmer for the coast. >> thank you, steve. >>> 7:09. developing news this morning. some sad news from the music world. andy williams has died. ♪ >> the crooner is known for numerous songs, including "moon moon river." he died in his home in branson, missouri following a year battle with bladder cancer. president reagan called him a national treasure. he was 84. >>> in about 90 minutes a safety school meeting will begin where a 9-year-old girl was kidnapped from a campus bathroom and molested. coming up at 7:30, we got a live report from there and the plans to keep the kids safe. also
temperatures in the bay area starting tomorrow we will see temperatures climb to the '90s tomorrow officially marks the first day of the warming trend as of right now we do have some clout covered. pretty widespread coupled with the onshore flow we are seeing clout cover for pretty much everyone. your temperature's out the door in the fifties later on this afternoon to the upper 50s '60s, '70s, and low 80s. >> looks like the clouds will return to the coastline and we will see if their conditions were pretty much everyone else. this is showing how widespread th /+ the cloud cover is. for miles for half moon bay 3 up in santa rosa and religious depends on where you're located bush is certainly drive with extra caution and be mindful of the cars in front of you. as we see where the temperatures are going later today this is our 6:00 hour the blue on your skin cream represents the '50s. not too much movement until the afternoon hours. 60s along the coast line '70s for the majority of the bay area. as we pushed closer to your afternoon high we see more in the way of orange indicating '80s not only
50s in daly city, richmond, novato. the fog is already spreading into the bay shores. visibility reduced along the coastline. through the north bay, fog throughout the bay area. tomorrow morning, more widespread than what we saw this morning and is going to be cooler. >>> fbi investigate ors confirm they have brought in heavy machinery to an area where human remains were found earlier this year. at this point digging for more human bones has not started. j. r. stone has the latest. >> reporter: a deputy parked at the end of flood road in san joaquin county has investigators search for remains related to killer wesley sherman tine. >> he is not making this up. >> reporter: one of two men dubbed speed-freak killer for a meth-indeed killing rampage -- induced killing rampage during the '80s and '90s. pedia says tuesday's fbi site survey is in the same spot. >> gary: it definitely is, definitely, without a doubt. it's the same area that he drew maps in february and march. and it's the same area they took him two three sundays ago. >> reporter: earlier this year, authorities found th
the coast too. coast has been dealing with a lot of fog. there are signs maybe that will disappear. 50s on the temps. low mid to a few upper. about 51-57 covers the spread. west, southwest travis 18 that is picking up. it's tough to warm up if that stays in place. a lot of little lows here. one sitting out here is supposed to be replaced with high pressure here. if that develops into oregon that will give us a north, northeast wind. this is the cloud and rain forecast. not much change today. there will be fog nights and mornings all the way through this evening. it will be back tonight into thursday and now watch. here we go thursday night into friday starts to disappear. watch what happens by late friday into saturday. that seems to be the message. forecast models saying we will get that offshore breeze. morning fog and then sunny today. 60s and 70s and 80s. temperatures yesterday pretty much carried right into today. looks a little warmer friday and we'll carry that for the weekend. warmer maybe warm to hot inland. even the coast getting in on the warmer party. >> a warmer party. all
people want to see results now and not in the distant future. >>> u.s. president barack obama challenged world leaders to stand up against violence against americans. he said his government had nothing to do with a film made in the u.s. that ridicules the prophet mohammad. >> i have made it clear the united states had nothing to do with this video. it is an insult to muslims but america as well, that i have witnessed after nearly four years as president. i remain ever hopeful all right world that we live in. the war in iraq is over. american troops have come home. al qaeda's been weakened. and osama bin laden is no more. >> obama took the podium six weeks before the u.s. presidential election. he spent much of his time defending his record on foreign policy. >>> to coincide with the open egg ofhe general asell blame, british charity has released a video report on children in syria who are suffering from the escalating violence. many syrian children are haunted by the memory of seeing family members killed in front of their eyes. they have observed children becoming overaggressive. some h
. it was negotiated way back in the '90s that we would have this and it was continued in our contract in '01 and '06 and now they've decided they don't want to us have it. well, yes, the economy has changed. things have changed, but we have to remember one thing. the nfl is not like caterpillar. they're a virtually monopoly with an anti-trust exemption and making record profits. so contributing 60% less to our pension through a defined contribution was simply unacceptable for us and it was a take it or leave it deal for them. >> j.b., in your sense, will the refs be appreciated more? >> for as long as i've been covering the league and what i think i understand about human nature, here's what i think may happen. the first couple weeks these guys are back. the fans and players will cheer and embrace them. after a few weeks you'll find the players and coaches screaming at them as they normally do. the bottom line is they may scream and holler, but they know that they understand the rules and they will enforce the rules. >> doesn't it bother you there was so much focus the last few weeks on the referees
, i was truly upset when i heard my favorite newspaper, the "u.s.a. today" was getting a dramatic redesign. turns out i was worrying for nothing because, in a digital era where print media is struggling, "u.s.a. today" is focusing their energy where it counts: the logo. (laughter) as publisher larry cramer wrote in the relaunch issue "our new logo will be as dynamic as the news itself." and, ladies and gentlemen, did they deliver. prepare to feast your eyes on the "u.s.a. today's" new logo! boom! a blue circle! (laughter) there it is! serendipitously this ises a a pie chart showing the percentage of people confused by the "u.s.a. today's" new logo. (applause) kramer calls this a living logo. (laughter) the first one since they had to put down the m.g.m. lion after he ate those munchkins. (laughter) and in a the "u.s.a. today" exclusive, i learned that the "u.s.a. today's" new logo will be an info graphic that changes with the news, containing a photo or image that represents key stories of the day. like this one in the money section, the shopping cart. right there, okay? (laughter
forecast is going to be on the mild side. we're sitting in the 60s. i expect that to stick through about the 9:00 hour. then when the sunshine pulls on in later on this afternoon, we'll see the opportunity for the temperatures to really bump on up quickly through the 70s by noontime and early afternoon i think most of us should hit into the middle range to lower 80s. around about 8:00 we should see 80 degrees at reagan national airport. then in the afternoon cloud cover comes back in. by about the 7:00 or 8:00 hour, we could see some showers and storms begin to develop. the highs will be the warmest of the week. it's going to feel very warm, more like summertime today and tomorrow we cool down back down into the 70s. monika? >> early morning headaches on the southbound side of i-270. i'm sorry to tell you. at least the good news is the accident that caused those headaches has been cleared. it was after route 118 in germantown. but look at all that red. it's 6:00 in the morning. let's take a live look first over here at the accident. i'm going to step out n. is our this is from our sky 9.
stepping out, look out for fog at the coast. temperatures low 50s to low 70s, by morning fog coast and bay. going to be cool. there may be dense pockets of fog. and the afternoon will feature a warming trend. it gets underway home, low 60s to low 90s, take a look at beyond tomorrow. there is warmer weather friday, mid-90s inland. into the weekend 96 degrees inland. 72 at the coast. and i'll let you know when we'll hit the peak in terms of the heat. back with the weekend forecast coming up. >> thank you. >> and this afternoon, an 11-year-old boy hit by a stray bullet left the hospital. >> he's talking about the near death experience. here is abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman. >> in oakland white patches on the side of the house only begin to tell a story of what happened here and the little boy came home today. >> i don't know why i got shot. i got shot. >> when he rested on his living room couch he seemed wiser beyond his 11 years, and also bewildered. it's been a week since gunmen fired 16 bullets into a bedroom and a week since one hit him in the chest. a week for his mother, fa
as his stage today he was making the last address as its first turned to the u.s. general assembly. he used the occasion to talk u. s. ideals. >> the president says it cannot be just up to the u.s. to protect religious rights and free speech. the president asked for unanimous condemnation of the mob that killed the u.s. ambassador to libya and three others. hear from the america's embrace of all religions. >>president obama: the teacher must not belong to those this land of a profit of as long, but to be credible, those who condemn the as latter must also condemn the hate we see in the images of jesus christ that are desecrated or churches that are destroyed. or, a holocaust that is denied. >> the president took on a number of issues that trade between america and the muslim world warning iran that the world is growing impatient with its secrecy around the nuclear program. >>president obama: america wants to resolve the issue and we believe there is still time and space to do so. >> a lesson in freedom of expression. >>president obama: at a time so when anyone with a sulfone can
. a once stardom-seeking private i. who made national news with his so-called mommy p.i.s is heading to prison to do some hard time. a federal court judge sentenced christopher butler to eight years behind bars for extortion, robbery, and conspireing to deal drugs. >> any defendant at this point realizes that for a year and a half of conduct and i'm rounding out that he has really done great damage. not only to himself. but to the reputation of law enforcement. >> nbc bay area was the first to obtain this undercover video showing butler and the former commander of contra costa county's drug enforcement team taking part in an apparent drug deal. butler admitted he teamed up with welsh to steal drugs from law enforcement evidence lockers and sell them back on the street. he also says the pair opened a brothel in pleasant hill. all things he's now willing to testify to in court earning him a lighter sentence. >> the extent of his cooperation was extraordinary. the extent to which everything he said to the authorities from day one was completely borne out as factually accurate, corrobora
group says it's targeting u.s. bank today. yesterday the same group targeted wells fargo's website. the bank says the cyber attacked caused some problems but customer information was not compromised. last week the group disrupted service on the bank of america and chase website. and today cyber attacks against u.s. bank is set to start at 7:30 this morning our time. the group says it will continue until a video they say insults the prophet muhammad is removed from the internet. >>> iranian president speaks today at the u.n. general assembly in new york. some leaders are planning to boycott the speech. he accused the u.s. of bullying and domination and also said a new world order needs to be established. president obama addressed the assembly yesterday and said time is running out for iran to settle dispute over its nuclear program. >>> two political heavy weights are added to the list of people upset over that controversial referee call. coming up in nine minutes the impact of the fofootball game o the presidential race. >>> now 4:36. the chp is investigating a frightening rolling
of a 3-year-old boy who was the son of a san jose police officer. today the d.a.'s office announced the boy accidentally killed himself with his father's weapon. investigators are not filing criminal charges against officer brandon orlando. they athe shooting did not meet all the required elements for charging him with the criminal storage of a fire arm. the shooting happened at the family's home in gilroy on july 5th after the boy found his father's gun in the drawer of a nightstand. the district attorney said it's a sad and precautionary tale about gun safety. >>> president obama's united nations address began with a tribute to chris stevens. mr. obama called on the world leaders to join him in condemning the violence that killed stevens and three american staffers in the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. the president then explained to world leaders why the u.s. cannot ban a youtube clip blamed for much of the violence in the middle east. the clip insults t s ths the pr muhammad. >> as president of our country and commander in chief of our military, i accept that people are goin
went up. ignored that yesterday. >> u.s. consumers are about the only consumers who seem to be doing somewhat better these days. certainly not the case across most of europe. >> not that happy in spain. spanish police and protesters clashing in madrid last night. thousands descended on the country's parliament, demanding fresh elections and an end to cuts and tax hikes. joining us on the phone is a reporter for the newspaper. i think you've been up all night. how would you describe the mood on the streets and the strength of these clashes? >> reporter: people were, like -- people feel this anger toward politicians due to the cuts, to the social cuts. it was tense. clashes were very violent. and they happened, like, suddenly. and there were many people with terrible wounds. it was a terrible image. >> what spurred the violence and how unexpected was that these protests saw such violence? >> reporter: the people that were calling for these protests were not really organized, so it was difficult for the police and for the journalists and for everyone to see what could happen. they're no
of delays at sfo for of arriving flights are averaging 53 minutes. by lunchtime '60s by the heart of the day. the north bay the east bay ballets and part of the south bay's will be in the '70s. by 3:00 p.m. we see a lot more in the way of warrants indicating where we see the '80s. los gatos at 80 degrees. 77 in santa clara. eighties in fairfield and antioch. 71 in san leandro. when the cloud cover stars to pull back will see the mid-70s. upper 50s in daly city. for those of you having to the giants' game against the diamondbacks the first pitch is that 7:15 p.m.. they will start off and the low 60s and you'll see cloud cover with winds at 15 mi. an hour. the warm-up starts tomorrow. saturday slated to be the warmest with the mid- 90s. and those '70s for the coast. >> there is a very slow ride at the bay bridge this morning. originally 20 minutes now 24. the 884 interchange is extremely slow. the metering lights are clamped down look there's hardly any movement through the toll plaza. there's a suspicion that something is going on near the bridge. there are big delays now as you had from the
disaster and price could reach hundreds of 20's of millions of dollars. safety violations led to that explosion appeared set and new event vacation. officials said the focus would be on the company's plan to protect workers in the event of a pipe leak at a one that led to the richmond explosion and fire to suppress artists. >>> the cable company is disconnecting of three of its california call centers at the end of november and running the jobs out of state. the closures of about zero thousand employees. 700 right here in the bay area they have two options to or in colorado or washington or take the severance package. >>> where you going to do? >>> of my mother didn't take although things of life into consideration. >>> the cost of doing business in california it is simply too hard they said. >>> the big time weather in the big time shall looking good. we may even some clearing and towards the coast this week in. we are stockton with local mods. he see the clubs extend along the california coastline. that is going to begin new break up at. 54 and 7 cisco 51 center rose up. a l
the belfort furniture weather center a few showers, but they are well to our north. it is still into the 80's, quite above average, not near the record. we will see it warm up until noon time, i think by lake huron tomorrow afternoon and evening that is when we have a risk of some showers or thundershowers. meanwhile, this is calibrated for all of you leaf lookers. the colors are beginning to change. we will have details about that as well as what is coming our way for the weekend. i will give you a hint. >> thanks a lot. we will see you soon. and you can download the storm watch -- stormwatch app. >> for home sellers, the latest numbers on home sales across the country. >> and the d.c. council chair will tell you when he will face a judge again. >> and more on the family found dead inside the [ female announcer ] dear daughter, welcomeam to america. your share of obama's debt is over 50 thousand dollars, and it grows every day. obama's policies are makinit harder on women. the poverty rate for women -- the highest in 17 years. more women are unemployed under presid
this rng mon morning. we're in the low to mid-60s. 65 in college park. 64 in camp springs. your forecast for the morning commute. umbrella ready. isolated light showers. mild start from the upper 50s to low 60s. by afternoon, 74 to 77. shower chances mainly north around maryland. a high today 84 degrees. i'll be back with the four-day forecast. right now first 4 traffic. >> thanks, veronica. >>>ere we have a live look from chopper 4 over i-270 as you make your way closer to germantown road, the earlier accident was just allowing the left lane to get by. now it's moved to the right shoulder lane. still seeing delays once you make your way past clarksburg road, you're heavy on the brakes, very heavy on the brakes to father hurley, and then sluggish as you continue towards germantown road. you can see choppers panning out, heavy volume in this area. let's head over to an accident. northbound on gw parkway trying to get to the inner loop of the beltway. that ramp is blocked by an accident involving an overturned vehicle. back in ten minutes with an update. aaron and eun, back over to you. >>
. >> it is a hazy sky out there too, in our belfort furniture weather center. only in the mid 60's, 57 in culpepper, but look at the temperatures now, into the mid- and's, he than 85 degrees for you folks and fredericksburg -- into the mid 80's even 85 degrees for you folks in fredericksburg paint these showers i think will stay to our north. -- in fredericksburg. these showers, i think, will stay to our north. north. there maybe some showers in enclosed to us by late in the afternoon. i will have all of the details in a few minutes. >> see you soon. the washington monument remains closed after the earthquake damage. brianne carter is live with the story. >> we have gotten used to the new look of the washington monument after the earthquakes one year ago and they are getting ready to put up scaffolding and begin repairs. this downtown landmark remains cracked and closed. some have wanted to go inside during their trip to the nation's capital. >> we have obviously, long way from australia to have a look. -- we have obviously come a long way. >> they hope to have it back open as soon as possible. th
clemencia . >> y dos mujeres se pelean en piscina, esto y más en primer impacto. >> que tal buenas tardes les saluda pamela silva y bárbara bermudez . >> hablaron dos jóvenes que aseguran ser violados por sus compañeros fútbol . >> barbaras buenas tardes, las impresiones de los estudiantes, es casi imposible de entender, escuchemos lo que nos contaron . >> el entusiamo que tenían estos dos jóvenes al jugar fútbol se acabo al ser los jóvenes sodomizados . >> me agarraron al suelo, y me metieron el palo en mi pompis . >> me siento avergonzado de todo lo que está pasando por que se burl les saluda anabel burlan de mi en la escuela . >> el entrenador les dijo que los compañeros, que los iniciara con la tradicion, y que esto llevaba tiempo . >> y los padres y estudiantes protestaron . >> te acuerdas cuantos compañeros eran . >> eran cómo 10 todos me agarraron y me tiraron al suelo y me metieron el palo . >> tenían miedo que hablara por que mi mamá no me iba a dejar jugar. >> el entrenador del equipo está con licencia administrativa . >> y esta tarde entrevistaron el entre
or not they will strike. >>> the u.s. postal service has suffered another setback. the usps is expected to miss a $5.6 billion payment to the government. they were expected to make the payment on sunday. the cash is supposed to fund health care benefits for retirees. if congress doesn't act soon, mail delivery could be drastically cut. >>> turning our attention to the race for the white house. both mitt romney and president obama will be in ohio today. >> both candidates plan to make stops in the cleveland and toledo areas. governor romney will also make a stop near columbus. tara mergener has more. >> reporter: by bus or by plane, for mitt romney and paul ryan, this election could come down to one state. >> oh. oh! >> ohio. >> works every time. >> reporter: ohio is one of the key swing states in this election and today romney and president obama will be battling for attention there, but the latest cbs news poll swing state shows romney with some ground to make up. the poll just out this morning has president obama up ten points in the buckeye state. he had a six-point lead before the conventions. >
problems with its new model s. >> and there is a man wanted for child molestation has been arrested in mexico. police say he fled to avoid arrests and investigators tracked him down after looking at his wife's financial records. they believe she was arrested in june z on friday, investigators used her information to trace phone calls. fire damaged a home tonight and started on grant avenue last night. plea of the -- three of the residents inhaled too much smoke and went to the hospital. >>> and an investigator was investigating a possible copper theft on hamilton drive, one man resisted arrest. the officer fell and apparently hit his head. both suspects in this case have been arrested. >> and coming up being in charge doesn't necessarily bring on more stress. >> we'll have that and taking a look at how american airlines pilots are creating travel trouble. and one city has gone unscathed by this. >> there is a big warming trend coming up, i'll tell you about it coming up. >> there are lessons to be learned from a school district that just got a big boost by turning around test scores
at get the know how you need for a new tomorrow. yeah... think they made a mistake?s. i don't know - maybe. the fried cheese melt is back for just 4 bucks. 1 of 4 big 4-dollar meals on the 2-4-6-8 value menu. only at denny's. open all night. . >>> four people made their first court appearance today in stock son on charges of abusing five children in their own [inaudible]. they were arrested last friday. police say that the five victims were abused both physically and mentally and were malnourished. they are the neice and nephews. the adult family members facing 11 charges including torture and they are being held on one million dollars bail. >> the santa clara da's office said it'll not file charges in connection with the shooting death of a police officer's 3- year-old son. the child shot himself with his father's back up gun on july 5th. according to the da's report the child's father brandon orlando had left it in an unlocked bed side drawer they normally didn't do. even so the report said that it would be difficult to prove in court that a child would have been likely
the victim who was in his 30s. by coworkers was found laying right here in the parking lot. in front of this restaurant which is near south white road and vista. he worked as a cook here. he just started the job a couple of days ago. he came in last night to pick up his check and hang out with coworkers and decided to take a smoke break outside. >> one of the waitresses noticed he was laying on the ground outside. >> he had been beaten up badly and suffered blunt force trauma to the head. >> p witnesses came forward. we believe it is two hispanic males prior to us getting there. we will again do follow up and get the people in custody. >> i want to make sure he is not a gang member. >> i know his brother and i know where he lives and i know him for like three years. >> he is not a gang member. he is a good worker. >> reporter: police say it is unknown if the victim knew his at that time tackers but the two men responsible for the beating are gang members. he is on his way to the hospital to visit his employee. the victim lives with his mother and his siblings. reporting live from san
is used to humiliate and the grade. neither they nor the u.s. have so far made allegations of rape against the rebel side. we have talked with victims of rape and the people who have given the medical help. what is clear is that sexual violence is taking place across syria and is being directed at women and men. >> they hit you. >> these young men were arrested in damascus after taking part in demonstrations against the regime. this.aid please don't do please don't do this. nobody listened to me. you want to have freedom? this this for freedom. and then the officer and the security, they are just laughing. i was alone. >> would follow this allegation of abuse across the region, here to easton told. -- here to istanbul. the young man recently defected to the opposition. he said there was rape and other centers. let me quote to you what a former detainee at your facility said. they work raping me. they were like animals. that is from a detainee at the center you ran. >> that is not true when it comes to the time that i was there. that is absolutely untrue. and if it were true, they could con
-muslim video blame for sparking the attack on the u.s. embassy in libya. he said the attack is an indefensible attack on america. >> accrued and disgusting video. there should be no doubt we will be relentless in tracking down the killers and bring them to justice. >> mr. obama called on world leaders to confront the real cause of rage across the world. the clinton initiative unveiled a new approach to foreign aid, targeted on eliminating barriers to investment and trade in foreign nations. >> in exchange for removing those barriers, developing nations will receive u.s. assistance packages. >> from the also joked about sharing the stage with bill clinton. >> there is often a buzz aldrin on social media. a controversial call by nfl replacement referees gave the seattle seahawks a victory over the packers last night. even the president weighed in, saying the dispute was terrible. the nfl today admitted, in its own way, that the puckers should have won the game. they said it was because of an interference call, not the interception. the president urged a resolution, with the referees. >> the loca
crank into the lower 80s. 38 for reagan national airport. warmer to the south and off to the west but winds will stay out of the west today so it's going to feel quite warm and comfortable. right now we're sitting in the 60s in the city center. cooler 50s off to the north and west. we'll definitely see an opportunity for those showers later on today. code green for today, tomorrow, and friday, but once we get into thursday and friday, we're going to keep overcast skies not only the first to days but clear into the weekend. so the seven-day forecast will feature a bit after cooldown as we strip those winds out of the north and northeast for friday and saturday. >>> wet road conditions always concern me, especially early in the morning when everybody is traveling a little faster than normal because the roads are light. be aware of some wet road conditions. keep your speed limits down right now. no problems to report on the west side of town. as you cross the american legion bridge, gw parkway down toward tysons and annandale, you'll be fine. we'll take a live look at the legion brid
man hit two u.s. bank branches in sunnyvale and one in san jose in the past three week autos tonight a former private investigator who admits to or chess straighting a scandal that rocked the sheriff's office is headed to prison. and there are late details in the case against christopher butler. >> butler attorney told us his client was caught up in trying to become a reality tv star and that led him to commit felonies now, he's heading to prison and determined to take others with him. as part of the plea deal a judge sentenced a former investigator to eight years in federal prison. the probation department recommended more than 12. his attorney says the sentence is a reflection of his cooperation with investigators. >> this extent of his cooperation is extraordinary. the extent of everything he said to the authorities was bourne out as accurate. >> butler continue solved in a scandal included theft and sales from the central narcotics enforcement task force as well as dirty dui scheme. set up men going through nasty divorces for drunk driving arests. the 51-year-old pled guilty to s
in the region in the 50s and 60s. it is only going to get cooler first thing tomorrow morning. watch out for pockets of dense fog for that morning drive. now, we are about to head into warm to hot territory later this week. i will be back to let you know when you might want to break out the shorts and the t-shirts. dan? >> sandhya, thanks very much. >>> san jose's little saigon controversy is heating up again. this time over a plan to put up freeway signs. remember four years ago members of the vietnamese community demanded that san jose rename the area known as little saigon. it was compromised by allowing privately sponsored street signs. cal trans says it it cannot post the signs unless the council approves a resolution. a vote is expected on election day, november 6th. >>> up next, comcast is slashing jobs and closing call centers and moving out of the bay area. why the cable provider is heading for greener pastures. >> also here, look, ma, no hands. california makes it legal, but how soon will we really see these driverless cars. >> and lady gaga is talking about her body. her conf
miles in half moon bay and santa rosa down to seven miles and the temperatures in the region in the 50s and 60s. it is only going to get cooler first thing tomorrow morning. watch out for pockets of dense fog for that morning drive. now, we are about to head into warm to hot territory later this week. i will be back to let you know when you might want to break out the shorts and the t-shirts. dan? >> sandhya, thanks very much. >>> san jose's little saigon controversy is heating up again. this time over a plan to put up freeway signs. remember four years ago members of the vietnamese community demanded that san jose rename the area known as little saigon. it was compromised by allowing privately sponsored street signs. cal trans says it it cannot post the signs unless the council approves a resolution. a vote is expected on election day, november 6th. >>> up next, comcast is slashing jobs and closing call centers and moving out of the bay area. why the cable provider is heading for greener pastures. >> also here, look, ma, no hands. california makes it legal, but how soon will we really
them." but after more than five million iphone 5s were sold in the first weekend, a faster pace than any previous iphone, there are published reports of problems. among them: rattling handsets from a loose battery, faulty wi-fi connections, weather reports mixing up cities, a new map app that has led users in the wrong direction, and a redesigned port that requires owners to buy a new power connector incompatible with previous iphones. "they chose to sock it to their consumers, who they say they love, with a $29 part that costs $1 to produce." at&t has offered iphones since they first appeared in 2007. a spokesman would neither confirm nor deny consumers' complaints, but told of an operating system upgrade. "i have not been given any information on upgrades. i think you have to address those questions with apple." we did ask apple in emails and by phone. we're still waiting for a response. the iphone does have a faster processor, better camera, larger screen and is thinner. the complaints may be satisfied eventually. but after how long? "i think the maps is going to be a six-month fi
country and the u.s. >> americans have repeatedly said that iranian government must change and the iranians behavior after all, what does that mean? can one country based on their own opinion this side and establish a red line for another country and then threaten attacks? >> war of the interview can be seen on cbs this morning shortly after 7:00 a.m. >> on to the race for the white house, a new poll shows president obama has strong leads in three key swing states. spot is in ohio where both candidates will be campaigning today. yesterday was mostly about foreign policy with the president speaking at the un and both canada speaking separately at the clinton global initiative. both candidates are expect to focus on the state of the economy. >> it cost about as much as the mansion. we got a look at the world's most expensive dress. what makes it so special. >> it is going up at lightning speed, and inside tour of the progress. >> outrage over tax hikes, how,, >> a suicide attack today in eastern afghanistan killed to nato service members. officials have just released more inf
. you know what i mean. lucky for you, airtran offers flights to destinations like these across the u.s. we just made something awesome, awesomer. airtran is having a sale with flights starting at 69 dollars one-way. all with wifi. book today at go. there's nothing stopping you. >> it was not the usual way to send a message of love. towson used paint-filled sponges to stamp out messages of hate. this is months after the students expressed concern over racial tension on campus. >> we are helping people take out frustration by throwing paint on that. is a visual stamping out update. >> last spring, graffiti turned up on campus sidewalks about western civilization. the student responsible for it is trying to organize a white student union. >> 2000 employees were left without a job when spirits. steel mill shutdown -- shut down. tonight they are getting a helping hand. the food bank gave out food over two days to members of the steelworkers' union. >> it is good to have something at the house for my family and all. >> save the expense on food products that can go into a gas tan
said is not true. the political grant took us back in time. not to 80's. instead the pop icon wanted to talk about profits starting with abraham lincoln. she moved on to mlk. >> it is incredible we have an african-american in office. >> the endorsement as no surprise. here is when the story changes. did you hear the latest? >> yes i did. >> are you a madonna fan. >> pots and the music thing can get very tricky. it could offend a lot of people. >> she said that? >> she is out to get people to register to vote gullett >> it shows a lack of knowledge and a lack of concern for what you will say to a hold of a people. >> she was kidding? i think she was kidding. and i think it is funny if she was. >> we do not know if she was kidding. we reached out to her publicist but we have not heard back. >> thank you. new tonight, pamela anderson has become the first celebrity cast off. >> pamela anderson. >> playing baseball now, too, apparently. last night was the first lead of the competition and each couple had just one dense to win over the fence. in the end the judges chose. >> i think you do
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